Offshore, Red grouper and permit! 7/4

Been a while since my last posting. We managed to make it to some red grouper grounds out 40 miles. The early morning was brutal with the thick fog close to shore. Thank god for radar, as one boat came within 70 feet of us buzzing by. Around 7am we were out looking for bait, the closer bait spots of mine had been wiped clean from this past red tide we had. We trekked out further to about 50' and found a nice new spot. Loaded the well with hardtails and made our way to 80' of water. Headed to some ledges with 4-5' of relief and bagged 4 red grouper. Marked some new bottom and then decided to head to our red grouper grounds 11 miles further out. Once we got their we continued to bring in those red grouper, sorting through a couple cookie cutters, the average size was right around 23-25". While we were drifting a nice size crab came up to the boat where i scooped it into the well for further use. With 14 red grouper in the box, we decide to check out a nearby wreck for some aj's. While drifting, i send out that nice crab and moments later, my reel starts screaming. After about a 10 minute fight, we land the fish. A beautiful 30lb permit, 34" to fork and 38 tl.

It was one great way to finish up our day, we ran 38 mph the whole way back over glass calm waters.
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2005 Yellowfin 31 df/250's


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