Roco's Taco's

Not bad.... Had a few tequilas and steak taco's today.....

Lots of hot chicks.....

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  • SnookslangerSnookslanger Posts: 1,320 Officer
    Which one?
  • copout@castaways[email protected] Posts: 5,779 Admiral

    had lunch at big bear brewery, not bad but pricey.
  • triplenettriplenet Posts: 747 Officer
    Sorry - Las Olas..... A bit pricy - but nice bar,,, good TV's with espn on ,,, steak tacos great,,, pork average,,, huge tequila selection... Out of 20 people - 8 hot chicks .....

    Worth a happy hour for sure....
    Gause Built 26
  • dougmaysdougmays Posts: 288 Officer
    i went there for the first time a few weeks was good but the wait and loud music was a no-go for me. we waited a hour and a half to sit and you couldn't talk to anyone at the table the music was so loud. its like a club with no dancing! haha.

    maybe lunch is different
  • triplenettriplenet Posts: 747 Officer
    Lunch was mellow..... Music on - but just loud enough to hear it...

    I wouldnt have enjoyed the loud music either...
    Gause Built 26
  • hewes18redhewes18red Posts: 130 Officer
    Wednesday night is AYCE tacos.... blackened dolphin tacos are GOOD... $16 bucks.

    Other than the tacos, i'm not really a fan of their other dishes. Had a couple of crappy entrees.
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