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Attention Snook Anglers

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Hey everyone,

Some of you may already know me from SFC (Capt. JJ), however for those who don't, I'm a biologist with FWC, based at the Tequesta field lab. Ran boats for 12 years before making a career change.

Anyway, for anyone that harvests snook, I have 3 coolers available to take your carcasses. 14th St. boat ramp in Pompano, Pelican Harbor on the JFK Causeway, and Key Biscayne off the Rickenbacker Causeway. I check them twice a week and keep them topped off with ice, so if you catch fish in those areas, please place the carcasses in the coolers. If these are too far out of your way, Custom Rod and Reel in LHP, LMR Tackle in FTL, and Capt. Harry's in Miami will accept the carcasses and hold them in their freezers for me. Just try and keep the gonads intact as much as possible so I can identify the gender of the fish. From your donations, we determine: size, growth, gender, age, life history.

If anyone has any questions about our research, feel free to ask!

And remember, we are biologists, not LEO's, so if there is a 32.25" snook in the cooler, nobody's getting a ticket.


J.J. Brodbeck
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