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Wading Trip 11/1/12 Redfish and Trout of a LIFETIME!

Joupdog1Joupdog1 Posts: 1,416 Officer
So headed out to wade for the 1st time since the cold front passed through. Headed out to our spot with bait everywhere! Pilchards, greenies, mullet, minnows and every other form of bait. I was throwing a CAL and Chris had a DOA Shrimp on. After about a half hour, I'm slammed and it's dead weight before the fish rips out some drag. After a good fight, the fish comes up and it's a nice 24 inch redfish! Get some good pics of it and released. 15 minutes later, Chris is just starting to say "Maybe I shouldn't be throwing a shrimp" when he is slammed. Drag peels out and then up comes a MASSIVE trout. It makes 2 more huge drag peeling runs(by this point we were flipping out) and then we finally get the fish close. I try to grab it around the head and I couldn't with one hand. So Chris takes my rod and I grab the fish! The biggest trout I have ever seen in my life! I get the phone out and snap some pics of the beast. I break out the tape measure and it goes 31 inches long! After length and girth calculations, it went nearly 11 pounds! With that, we were more than happy with the trip. Chris got another nice trout on topwater before we had to head in. The trout was caught on a DOA Shrimp(New Penny) and the red was caught on a DOA CAL(Greene). By far Chris's biggest trout ever and will be pretty hard to top. Great start to November!


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