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Got a yak, need someone to use it with!

Broke down and just bought a 12'6 perception from ****. Nothing amazing but it works and I took it out twice today, more so to just get a feel for it than to fish but I tossed a line out anyway and didn't get anything. I'm in the ft lauderdale area but if anyone goes out anywhere from my area down to northern biscayne bay I'd love to tag along. I'm kinda bare bones atm, just have my 2-3 rods, a bucket for bait and a small tackle box to get me by but it should be enough to catch some fish. I'm interested in doing some flats/mangrove fishing and while I'd like to do some ocean fishing I feel I kinda need a rudder/more experience for it, though I wouldn't mind just staying in pretty close. Anyway, if anyone has plans to go out soon and doesn't mind a noob taggin along, let me know! Thanks.
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