Trophy buck opportunity

If anyone is interested in a thanksgiving week hunt I can hook you up. I came up short one member on my Kentucky lease this season and am willing to have the right person hunt with us the week of thanksgiving. The normal cost for a full membership is $1200.00 but I will take one hunter for 1 buck 120 or larger and two does for $900.00 The hunt will include lodging at our cabin located on the property. I have 700 acres to hunt including soybeans and wheat fields along with oak ridges. My daughter and I killed these bucks during archery and the youth only hunt[PHP][/PHP] If you are interested in hunting the entire 15 day gun starting nov 10 the late muzzleloader in December and bow hunting until jan 21. You can join for the $1200.00. Call with questions my name is Doug 904-838-8045. Thanks
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