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Oscar Scherer Park and South Creek

FWIW - camped this weekend at the park. Didn't fish much - but did bring one lightweight spinning outfit and some 17MR mirrolures. Combat fishing along the banks of the creek amongst the trees, rocks, fallen branches and kayakers/canoers. Luckily didn't lose any of my tackle. First time under the main bridge to the park, casted across the creek. 5th cast produced a small 12-14 inch snook that jumped and threw the lure. No other bites. Walked up and down the creek, throwing in openings in the brush - to no avail. Next day, same spot under the bridge - caught what looked like a 12-14 inch cichlid. No other luck. Will try to add pic later.

Spoke with several other campers. One caught 7 small snook and saw a tarpon roll behind his campsite. Others lost a couple snook and saw a few chase their arties up to the bank. Most of the fish seemed to be caught at or around the canoe launch. Park ranger said the biggest he saw recently was a 14 lb snook caught in the same area.

Overall, good place to camp. I think the creek is better outside the park, especially via kayak or canoe. Next time, if we camp there again, I will still bring some tackle and give it another try.


  • DoozeDooze Posts: 234 Deckhand
    Good stuff. Thanks for the report pdog.
  • SwampsquashSwampsquash Posts: 173 Deckhand
    Oh man I fished there alot as a kid.....The snook would boil in the middle of the "creek" Back when the size was 24 inches, I would pull alot of keepers. Haven't fished there in years. Its all brackish, so they seem to love it.
  • ComandanteComandante Posts: 289 Deckhand
    Thanks for the report! I am happy that you at least caught something given the constant winds since last Friday. The wind would have curtailed any chance to really expect much.The water at the Blackburn or Albee bridges was boiling from the wind I scoped out another potential drive-to-auto site yesterday near the park. I think I will try to fish it tomorrow as I have an out-of-town guest to entertain. I am expecting reds at the new location.
  • pdog1966pdog1966 Posts: 167 Officer
    Comandante - happy I caught something as well. Up here in northeast Florida, reds are much more common than snook. I was definitely hoping to catch a snook! It's been two years. Some of the boys up here have a caught a few in the ICW, but it may be too cold up here now. Good luck.
  • ComandanteComandante Posts: 289 Deckhand
    pdog 1966, you have a PM
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