Schooling Bass Action on the St. Johns River

We had an awesome day on the St. Johns River today despite the 20mph + winds and 65 degree temperature this morning. To be honest my expectations for today weren’t that great considering this storm we had, the moon phase and the blue bird skies but we still managed to lay the smack down on these bass.
I took my buddy John with me today who is a saltwater guy and he loved it. When we pulled up to the ramp we were the only truck in the parking lot. I initially thought that was a bad thing but the fishing proved otherwise. When we pulled up on our first spot I decided to throw a shallow running crankbait down a ledge and within the first 5 casts or so I had a decent striper on the line.
Fast forward twenty minutes later and the entire creek mouth we were fishing came alive with bass schooling and busting on shad everywhere. It was awesome and definitely a sight to see watching these bass come completely out of the water after these shad. The frustrating part is watching them tear up the shad and not being able to catch a single one because we don’t have a match in the tackle box for exactly what they want. Despite not having exactly what they wanted we still managed to catch our fair share of schoolers.
We caught them on a mixture of lures all ranging from swimbait’s, A-rigs (with money minnows), crankbaits and rattle traps. At about 9:30 the schooling action finally seemed to have died down so we hit the grass line in hopes of finding more fish. This recent storm we have had the last two days has pushed hyacinth mats all over the river so we just targeted fish by fishing a bitters bait and tackle easy swimmer down the hyacinth mats and we caught 4-5 bass every pass through. Finally the fishing slowed down and we decided to pull into the local marina, have lunch and call it a day. Can’t beat a day of fishing like today.


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