Windy day on the water

Me and my buddy launched the Hobie pro anglers this morning at pine island. We had a later start since somebody forgot to put gas in my truck, but I don't know who:shrug. So once we got filled up we hit the water with the wind almost knocking us off of our yaks! We finally reached our spot after going through miles of 2-3 foot seas. After a little bit my friend hooks up into a 25 inch snook that gets off next to the yak. So I start to work an area near him and I hook into something big! It starts screaming out drag and honestly I thought it was a big jack crevalle at first. But once it started going into the trees and thrashing on the surface I knew it had to be better. I finally get it up next to the kayak and it is a nice snook!! I got her on the fish grips and snapped a couple pics and sent her on her way. We measured her out at 37". After that, the wind seriously started howling and we went back to the launch.

Tight lines,
Coby Pawlowski



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