7/23/11 PEI

Just moved down to Fort lauderdale form the 772. I've been fishing offshore in Saint Lucie County for 13 years. Now I am strating all over again down here out of the Port Everglades Inlet. This was the secound time out of inlet Sea wear 3 foot every 4 secounds but we were going fishing. Trolled ballywhoo with skirts no luck. Came up on a nice weed line as I was cleaning off the weeds one ballyhoo. I said looks like good spot told my friend to cast out a frozen sardine and we would drift. As I reeling the trolling rods his line goes off. CHINSSE FIRE DRILL. They were hitting every line put in. Left one in the water to keep em coming. Keep 6 caught 8. Back home by 1 o clock,


May you be heaven half an hour before the :devil knows your dead. :Rockon:Rockon:Rockon
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