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7/25 Boca Night Fishing

Took a few friends from out of town fishing last night just south of Boca Inlet. Anchored in 65' and got the chum going. Fifteen minutes later we were scrambling for the inlet trying to escape the huge thunderstorm bearing down on us. Took shelter at the cove and had a few beers, then back out at 9:15.

The plan was to get yellowtails, they were NOT there at all. Caught a few small but legal mangroves that we released. Got a big nurse shark to the boat which my friends enjoyed seeing. Also caught a few jacks that put up a nice fight. It was sporty out there in our 20' boat, decent wind and chop. I guess the yellowtails have left temporarily. Somewhat frustrating night, but it was fun being out there. Sorry, nothing really worth taking a pic of.


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