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Maybe the Best snook lure of all time

Dave (stormy) introduced me to this. I uses to use the chug heads when they first came out, but didn't like them on the CAL tails. The secret is to use these DOA chug heads on the Redfish Magic 3 X glass minnow tails. They are the same as the Z man baits but cheaper. These are buoyant and float good. Use the 5/0 long neck DOA hooks. One trick I have learned is to super glue the head up the body so they don't come apart and maybe just a tiny dab of glue on the hook shank to keep the bait from sliding down after many hits. WARNING : the elaztech plastic and regular plastisol don't like each other. I have noticed the super glue kinda keeps them from dissolving one another.

Just slowly reel it right along the surface and make it wake then snap it. When you getting chugging right it sounds like a snook popping. It looks just like a little mullet when you run it slow on top with the tail wiggling. Then when you make that loud pop I am
Convinced the snook think another snook is trying to feed. Those of you who are snookers out there know how snook get that gang mentality a lot of times. They like to feed when the other snook are feeding. I just had to show this, a lure this good shouldn't be kept a secret lol. You can't cast it as far as topwater plug, but it doesn't get snagged up easy and it really really works.


Catch 'em and Release 'em!


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