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Fishing this weekend

Well it is that time for a post of some sorts from this past weekend. I really don't have much to say for the weekend. Launched off of south delray and because of conditions would have to stay around the 200 ft mark. Drifted to Lake worth pier. Guys I was with caught a few kings, other then that not much to report. No real fish for me this weekend. No fish except for a remora that seemed to enjoy being hand fed. Yes, the fishing was so crappy that I felt a little fun was in order. So I hand fed the remora that was under my yak for a couple hours. Even made a cool video. Will figure out how to post some videos as I am still learning how to post, ect, ect. Hope everyones weekend was better then mine was. Setting my sights towards this weekend and hope things go better. Cmon good weather!!!


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