Well I got up to go to work at 6am on Friday as usual. Knocked off around 4:30 and picked up the kids. Hooked up the boat but had to wait for the wife to get home, so I built a little fire pit in the back yard with some scrap pavers I found, turned out great (for free). Ate dinner and got the kids in bed, looked at the time and it's 10pm. I was starting to have second thoughts about going, that nice cozy bed was calling my name, and the tides were not to my liking, but I kissed the wife and headed to the ramp. Launched at yacht club and ran to Punta Rassa, what a smooth run. I mean NO WIND. Looked for some bait but all I found was small stuff. Checked out a couple more spots and did good, enough white bait for one guy to fish all night. Ran back toward the mouth of the river and staked out on one of the many new creek mouths I've been hitting lately. I started live chumming, while the tide decided what it was going to do. Caught a few kitties, until the tide started to dump in right around 230-300am. I kept up the chumming, and it paid off. I must of called in every school of Red's within a mile of the place. I sat there for an hour with one rod, and caught 30 reds, averaging 16-24". I was trying to wade thru them to find a decent one for dinner, but I wound up keeping a 20". They say don’t leave fish to find fish, well I broke that law. Wanted to check out a decent snook spot closer to the ramp since it was getting late and the current was ripping. Glad I made the move, the snook were eating too. I decided to throw a big bomber style plug, drilled two one at 28" and 31", both fish recovered just fine. Now it's nearly 5am, I was getting a little tired and decided to make one last cast to a spot that had just been exploding. Well 30 seconds later I get my butt handed to me by snookzilla. She jumped when I set the hook (well over 40") and beelined straight for the pilings. I was using 30lb braid on a 5k series reel with an 80lb leader. She turned into the current and smoked me. I cupped the spool and tried to hang on for dear life but........broke off. That’s the name of the game, you win some, you lose some. Called it after that, by the time I got home the sun was rising. Crashed on the couch till 745 when my daughters woke me up. I keep telling everyone, October is on fire! If you can get out at night, GO.


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