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I am putting together the annual family Bahama trip and I have a few questions;

1. My son wants to bring a friend any paperwork requirements clearing customs with a minor not related to me (age 15)?

2. What about authority to authorize emergency medical care and proof of insurance?

3. What do you do for weather reports on Grand Cay? Is there internet access?

4. I have stayed at Walkers but never stayed on Grand Cay any recommendations for best accommodations for myself, the wife and two 15 year old boys?

5. Do any of the motels have bait freezers available? Is the local drinking water safe to drink or is it bottled water only. I recently saw an article that said the local drinking water is unsafe?

6. Does anyone care to share their favorite spear fishing locations the two boys are free diving crazy?


Fireman Bill


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    I am choice.
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    You may want to have a certified letter from the kids parents giving you permission to take him out of country....

    I took one of my kids skiing in Canada a few years ago and needed a letter... Not sure if they asked for it,,,,

    Dont worry about medical issues - if he has any problems over there tell the parents to fly over - u dont want that liability...
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    3. Many folks get WX from their iPods, etc....... There is some Internet access at Rosie's. Ask around to find the hot spots.

    4. I'm a happy, 2-2 with staying at Rosie's. Both units that we had (2 couples) had two bedrooms, one with a Queen and the other with twins (perfect for the boys). Both had floor/chest freezers as well 18 cf fridge freezers in the fully equipped kitchens. About $135-$150 a night I think.

    5. We kept cold waters in the room fridge, but I took my daily pills with tap water and I'm still alive!

    A) Dinners are great both at Rosie's as well as down the street at Ron's Hot Spot. Pull up my Grand Cay Reports here posted in early June. Lots of photos and info.

    B) Ice is $12 for 2, 20lb bags of ice at Rosie's.

    C) The Dodge Cruising Guide to Abaco should be your guide!

    D) Make sure to spend an hour or two at Double-Breasted Cay!

    E) Wander down to the gazebo bar at Rosie's "Tony's Tiki Bar" around 5-6pm for a cold drink and great people watching! Tell Tony that "Gary from the HEY MON! said Hi"!

    F) Walk next door to Jolly's Bar (bright blue building) for a drink and look at the "live" aqauarium that they have there!

    G) The boys may want to see if they can get out to the end of the main dock and throw a juicy bait as far into the channel as they can at night!!

    H) Pass between Tom Brown's Cay and Seal Cay and then slide along to the right to follow the reef/shoreline to look for good "bottom" for some skin diving/spearing. I have never done this but have fished just beyond that pass in 30-40 feet with many patch reefs.......

    I) Make sure to keep at least 2 docklines on the boat at all times. The fuel dock there has none.
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    What has been said above - plus.

    That "guest" minor will need his own passport -- no way around that. If he does not have his U.S. passport, you won't get through Bahamian Immigration or back into the U.S.

    I was at Rosies in May. Each of his villas has a bait freezer on the front porch. Fresh water was .25/gal and gas was 6.00/gal. I think desiel was the same. Not sure of the price now.

    If you want Rosies resturant to cook your catch -- they will.

    The grocery store opens at 7am and you can get ice there. Just remember to plan your ice needs ahead of time.

  • Fireman BillFireman Bill Posts: 576 Officer
    Thank you gentleman for the very informative replies. The boy traveling with us has a passport I did not want to find out I needed a letter or some document to take him out of the country.

    Fireman Bill
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    Prop Blast wrote: »
    If you want Rosies resturant to cook your catch -- they will.PB

    Ron's Hot Spot will do the same and we brought fresh fillets to both places. They will cook it any way you want and offer side dishes as well......

    ("Prop Blast"..... Great screen name!)
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