Stoeger Cougar 8000F in 9mm -- Literally Brand New!!

I am selling my Stoeger Cougar 8000F in 9mm. The Stoeger Cougar is a double-action, auto-loading gun and has one of the most comfortable grips there is in my opinion. As a law enforcement officer, I have too many and the wife says I have to reduce the inventory, otherwise I'd never put it up for sale.

I live near St. Augustine here in North Florida, and prefer not to have this shipped if possible.

This gun has a three-dot sight system and an ambidextrous safety and decocking lever for your thumb, so no problem if you're a right-handed or left-handed shooter. I've got about 600-800 rounds through this and it performs flawlessly! It has NEVER had a Failure to feed or a failure to fire!! I keep my guns super clean and you'll be very pleased with this. Plus, the barrel stays in one plane on the Stoeger, so accuracy is pretty impressive.

It comes with two, 15 round magazines and was purchased new for $399.00.

First $325 (No TAX!) gets it, and no paperwork. PM me and I can send pictures, then set up a time for you to own it.
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