CK 10/7 Grouper/Cobia/Kings

nicknick Crystal RiverPosts: 4,827 Captain
Didn't get on the water till 8:15 but getting bait didn't take long on the flats By 9:00 we had the wells blacked out with pinfish. First stop was in 50ft, made a couple drifts boating a 24" gag and a kingfish. Continued out another 15 miles and stopped in 65ft. The bite was on fire dropping live pins and cut threadfins we had our limit in about 2 hours. Also caught a short aj on live bottom :huh and hung two kings on the flat line.

About 2:00 we headed in to the cobia zone and they were home! When we arrived I grabbed the only thing that was rigged (my calcutta 200 on a 10-17lb all star) needless to say that was a bad idea. I was towed around the boat for a good 15 minutes with the drag locked up with my thumb on the spool until he finally broke me off. Beefed up our tackle a bit with quantum cabo 6000's and shimano size 8000 baitrunners with 65# braid and still couldn't turn some of them palming the spool with max drag:mad Monster kings were cruising so we got cut quite a few times. I did manage to turn a personal best 45-50# slob and pops got a 34" cob. My buddy gene who's never caught a cobia went 0-3 on cobs including a 60+ pound heart breaker at the last second. We must have hooked up probably a total of 20-25 times. Even ran out of jigs and had a cobia hit a sabiki rig as I was reeling it in:willynilly



Final tally 10 red grouper, 2 gags, 2 seabass, 3 kings, and two cobs:Rockon


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