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7/23 Fort Pierce

Left the house around 6am for Torpey to do a little flats fishing with Tom today, saw a small tarpon roll as we were leaving the boat ramp. Very slow start on our flat, started off with a top water. Tom foul hooked a blue fish, I hooked up and landed a blue fish, then hooked up with another one which broke me off and lost my lure... Switched to a jerk bait which I am still learning to use, I have a lot of trouble setting a hook but did manage a small maybe 12 inch trout. Tom was having trouble setting hooks with his doa shrimp, which he never does. Trolled up by some docks hoping for a snook with no luck. Bite died around 8:30. Tried a little snapper fishing which we were having no luck with. Drifted through another flat, had a few nice whacks, but as mentioned before having trouble getting hooked up. Around 10:30 headed back to our first flat and missed more fish. Watched one trout swim straight up, grab my bait and swim back down with it, and same **** thing. Called it a day. I was 1 for maybe 7 on trout, and Tom 0 for 5 on trout. Went and picked up my new rod from the back country, ate lunch, went home and did some chores for the wife, then headed out to break in the new rod from shore. First cast watched something come up and miss my jerk bait have no idea what it was. 15 mins later a nice snook busted the surface and I was hooked up, I got all excited thinking I was going to pull the day out of my ***, he ran right up to some old sheet piles and one more run and he was gone... 0 for 1 on snook... thats about it. Not a normal day on the flats, but I had fun anyway like everyone should that gets a chance to get out on the water.


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