Friday, Dolphin out of Hillsboro

This probably sounds like many other reports over the weekend, but I haven't posted one in a while. Went out of Hillsboro Inlet about 7:15am with a few friends from Palm Beach Gardens and headed offshore for dolphin and tuna. As we were running, about 5 miles straight out, we spotted a few floating bouys (which ended up having a lot of rope on them too). So we slow down and put out a ballyhoo and start letting out a blue and white chugger. Ballyhoo gets hit and so does the chugger as it was still going out. Get two schoolies in the boat and just let out two lines again for another pass. Instant hits on both but one spits the hook...we kept the other one in the water and start chunking ballyhoo to keep the fish by the boat. Ended up going 11 for 15 by 9am using ballyhoo chunks and rapala lures. Decided to head in a little and troll for some tuna for an hour or so but with no luck. Called it an early day and headed back in, as we had plenty of meat for all of us and our families. Had the fish and boat cleaned and were eating lunch at the Nauti Dawg by noon. Good day on the water.
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