Reward Fishing Fleet or Sea Legs for jigging trip?

My dad and I want to go jigging but I keep hearing good things about Sea Legs and The Reward. Which one is better for jigging, they're basically the same price too.


  • dt-fishingdt-fishing Posts: 157 Officer
    The Reward jigging trips are strictly artificial (very few people cheat) and produce very well, the sealegs trips seem to start off as "jigging trips" but aside from a couple of guys it seems that everyone sucumbs to "cheating".

    However, I am biased to the Reward trips - Wayne was the first to try it and continues to do it and is a real pleasure to fish with. The Sealegs is trying to copy the same format but changes direction due to most guys not being purists.

    Another thing to consider the Reward caps the trips at 12 max and the Sealegs at 20 max...

    If you are trying to put food on the table then it's a coin toss, most guys on the reward know they can catch fish on live bait we just like to challenge ourselves. Also, most of us do it for the sport and the good eating fish are just a bonus.
  • striker2502striker2502 Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    Wow thanks for the info, knowing that the capacity is less than sea legs is great. Tangles with braid are horrible :banghead
  • copout@castaways[email protected] Posts: 5,779 Admiral
    I think the Sea Legs is a larger boat hence 12 vs. 20 anglers
  • Lucky7Team2Lucky7Team2 Posts: 6,794 Officer
    Never fished Sea Legs but been fishing the Reward for 25 years. Wayne and his staff are amazing...
  • C-SICC-SIC Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    Jigging=Rewards......Chicken Rigging=Sea legs You decide.
  • dt-fishingdt-fishing Posts: 157 Officer
    C-SIC wrote: »
    Jigging=Rewards......Chicken Rigging=Sea legs You decide.

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