Damon and his son Bryan catch there first BIG SWORD!

Let me start by giving you some history…… Damon decided to get into sword fishing last year. He did some research and shopped around for the equipment to get it done. He met us on the forums and asked about our reels. We gave him all the info, and told him where he could purchase one. He replied “if i buy your reel, will you show me how to catch a sword” We told him “i would actually take you sword fishing and catch one on your boat, if you buy one.” We sent him to Tom Greene’s Custom rod & reel, where he purchased his Hooker Electric 80. We made good on the deal, and we caught 2 small fish that day. He was HOOKED!

So with all that being said. Damon and Bryan have made several attempts at the allusive swordfish, and they finally got it done. Their day started leaving the dock at 10 am on Saturday morning. They headed to the sword grounds to prepared sending down an old snake head bait. That bait they sent down, hooked a sword for them last week. They ended up loosing that fish 100ft from the boat. They both figured that bait was lucky, so they deployed it again. Bryan dropped the rig and tried to hit bottom. The rig never hit bottom, they figured immediately the fish bit when they were close. He was now tight with a fish, and the fight was about to begin. Damon stayed at the wheel while Bryan tended the rod. After the lead was removed, the fish took 600ft of line. This went on two more times, before they had a shot with a harpoon. Damon grabbed the harpoon and let it rip 20 feet below the water, and nailed it. The fish stopped dead in it tracks and they were able to boat side the fish. Damon and Bryan now caught there first fish on there own and it was a nice one too. After landing the fish they immediately brought it to the scales at lighthouse point marina. She tipped the scales to 282 pounds. The fish measured 88 inches from fork of tail to lower jaw. The best part was that they were back in by 1:30.

Congratulations to Damon & Bryan!
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