Crushing the Mullet Run

The bait has been staggering through for the last three weeks, And it does not seem like the mullet run.
On the contrary the fishing is solid.

Good luck
Run That Dog


  • Spear'em!Spear'em! Posts: 177 Officer
    You got it right old timer! This is far from the run! In the past month I've seen schools of jacks that are double size and not a mullet in sight. I stopped fishing after having 300 fish schools of 15lbers tearing up everything in sight. Surfed the last few weeks from NSB(yes bait and surfers getting bit up north) to SBI and some small schools showing up but nothing major. Hopefully this NE wind pushes something south soon. If you want to bend a rod Charter the Lunker dog as it could happen in the next 2 weeks!
  • snookyjsnookyj Posts: 1,687 Officer
    Cool video Jeff!!!
  • HialeahAnglerHialeahAngler Posts: 9,612 Admiral
    there is nothing better than catching those big jacks. run it!
  • bitshortbitshort Posts: 243 Deckhand
    Where are you located lunkerdog
  • Capt George GozdzCapt George Gozdz Posts: 630 Officer
    Run it:dog:dog:dog:dog:dog:dog:dog:dog

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  • reelgrimmreelgrimm MiamiPosts: 458 Deckhand
    Thanks for a great trip Captain Jeff. If you are looking for a good captain to put you on some big fish, call captain Jeff. I have chartered him out numerous times and will continue to.
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  • Spear'em!Spear'em! Posts: 177 Officer
    Are we still talking jacks??? Looks like the snook and tampons will be following closely behind. Remember those tampons and can be a godsend capt. J.????
  • SeaBiaatch!SeaBiaatch! Posts: 44 Deckhand
    I'd cut the line on the those bruisers, but for a client it can make the trip! Run that Dog! Im working down near Government cut this A.M. and there wass a school of silver mullet stuck on the north side and they was getting BLOWN UP! Im pretty sure I was a few sharks going airborne through the school, which Ive never seen down here? Also it appeared every other usual predator was taking their turns gorging on the school. Cool sight, but no rod in the car! Do we have spinners this far South?
  • Spear'em!Spear'em! Posts: 177 Officer
    Are ther mullet here yet??? I haven't seen many. The white bait is solid! Are you fishing white bait or mullets?
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