Relocated from Culter Ridge to Pompano

Well, I finally did it. Moved from my hometown Cutler Ridge to Pompano. It actually looks like I will end up in Lighthouse Point. Seems like a good neighbrhood. I hope to find some new freinds around here to talk crap about boats and fuel prices. Hoping to have the boat floating behind the house, may need some advice for offshore fishing, maybe a free ride for your thoughts?

And more importantly, what's the best watering hole? Both land and sea access?


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    Regrettably, I have yet to make it to their meetings, but check out PBOA...lots of good guys in there:
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    Pomp/LHP is a very nice area, unfortunately the offshore fishing is hit or miss, nothing like Miami mainly due to the lack of bait/habitat. I like Whales Rib in Deerfield on A1A. Welcome to the area.
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    Sands Harbor is/was the old standby locals joint in town. North end of the bar is typically the locals section. More the atmophere than anything else. Most of the locals relocated to the golf course tiki bar. Piranha Pats another Pompano locals place. As for great eats you can't beat Calypso south of Atlantic on Cypress. Not open weekends though.
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    Thanks guys. Temporary internet bugged out for a little bit so, i just now got back on.

    No bait huh? Miami has Biscayne Bay and the coral reefs to attract all the bait you ever need. I guess I will have to actually learn how to fish?

    I'll start checking out the places mentioned. I have driven past Calypso and they have a banner up that says they are on vacation. Good for them. I'm glad they can do it and survive. My wife has eaten there and liked it.

    Should have a lease this weekend. A couple weeks to get settled and I'll drag the boat up here. I'll be in "Venetian Isles", looks pretty nice and not far from ICW, Hillsborough not to far from there either. Dead end canal so, i assume not enough flow to keep a bait cage? It is only two canals off the ICW.
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