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Let the Heart Attacks commence!

Well, grandson Louie & I continued our “Fishin Mission” today. The destination came to me in a dream last night. Louie & I had been trying to decide which lake to go to today and I woke up at around 2:00 AM with the answer. We ended up going back to a lake that we fished way back when I had cancer and didn’t know it yet. It was hurting so bad the day that we fished this lake that we had to load up and go home early. That’s saying a lot for me & Louie. It usually takes mass lightning or hurricanes or nuclear war to accomplish that. Anyway everyone kept telling us that it was just too dang hot to go out on the lake today. And although I must admit it was definitely hot out there, after all it is Florida in July, the fishing turned out to be a lot hotter. So hot that Louie and I decided not to divulge the real name of this lake and call it “Lake Heart Attack” instead. The reason for that name will become more obvious as you read through this. Here’s the view as we set sail in the “SS LOUIE”. (That's Louie's boat).

And let the “heart attacks” commence!

Louie drew “first blood” with this nice bucket. “What a way to start the day”, I thought.

But it just kept getting better.

It was right about here, Louie had one straighten the hooks on his Pop-R! (seriously)! Here's some scenery from out on Lake Heart Attack. Just beautiful!

Old grampa even got in on the action. (I’m usually just the Guide/Trolling motor operator/Photographer).

However Lunker Louie was not to be out-done.

We were having an absolute blast.

Every single one of these fish were caught with a top-water Pop-R! (Hence the name “Lake Heart Attack”)!

Louie ended the day @ 11:00 AM with this nice specimen. All of the bass shown in this post were released unharmed (except for some sore lips).

This was a day that Louie & I won’t forget. We had a wonderful time. We can't wait to get back out there and do it again

P.S. No nitroglycerin tablets required! I know my heart's okay after today!


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