Solid Daytime Sword 9/20/12

We were pretty pumped to be back out after a solid 0 minutes of sleep. We had new guests for this outing and we were once again optimistic about the sword bite. Catching a fish the night prior definitely helped morale despite the sleep deprivation.

We trolled from the edge to about 500' and caught 2 football blackfin in the process. Already content with a bit of tablefare and the skunk off the boat, we ran the rest of the way to the grounds. The winds were picking up out of the ENE and what started off as a 2 foot sea quickly built to a 2-4 foot sea. The winds definitely make daytiming more difficult especially when they run perpendicular to the contour. Crosswinds means more resetting and less time in the strikezone. The importance of setting up the right drift and getting up and down quickly is key.

Our first drift emphasized that very importance. Slight overcompensation for the wind had me situated a little too deep but we we still got down and soaked for a little while. I assessed our drift and was certain we'd spank the numbers on the next drop. We retrieved the bait (always fun with the reel crankie) and reset.

We dropped the bait and the waiting game began.. Nothing beats that gut feeling that you're in the right area. I had a close eye on the sounder and I liked the drift. About 10 minutes into the drift, we got our nibble. We took some cranks and we were tight. We now had 1700' of manual cranking with an angry fish on the end.

We kept him coming and it became pretty clear we had a decent fish on the end. He had a couple decent runs and didn't want to stray far from the thermocline. After about an hour and a half we got him to the wind on and took off the weight.

He didn't like the boat or the ugly dude on the reel so he took off. Not many fish off Miami can rip drag off an 80w quite like these fish. After 10 more minutes we got him up, stuck him with 2 gaffs. We sliid a tail rope on him and pulled the fish through the tuna door. Definitely a solid fish.

We headed in after this fish.

Final tally- 1 solid sword and 2 blackfin

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