The Edge--9/15/12

We headed out with decent expectations. Some early sails had pushed through during the week and reports looked promising. Unfortunately, the northeast wind that accompanied those sailfish was long gone and replaced by an ESE breeze.

Bait was a bit spotty but we got some pilchards after some diligent sabikiing. We headed out and popped the kites up in about 120'. The edge had a greenish tint but there was still a knot of remnant north current and a bit of bait around. The first fish was a small shark which the customers definitely appreciated. Shortly after the right long came tight and a slob remora was brought to the boat. After the remora, a fun size hammerhead crashed the party but wouldn't take a bait. After a couple more minutes without too much action and working from 70' to 250', we finally came tight to another fish. This one had the tail beat of a bonito and was brought to the boat accordingly. This completed our trash fish grand slam. We boated a decent cero before putting away the kites.

Unimpressed by the early morning bite on the edge, we put out a spread and trolled southeast with intentions of trying to find a few dolphin. The trickle of current from the morning had died off and the ocean looked pretty dead. Talking on the radio confirmed miserable reports in terms of fish and current with a few boats who were chasing dolphin coming up empty handed. We felt like hotshots compared to the rest of the fleet after conquering the elusive remora, bonito, and shark.

We found a slight rip holding a bit of weed as we headed south. We caught a 5 pound dolphin and decided to drop on a wreck. The vertical jigs and live baits weren't producing much action... We hooked what was probably a mutton on a live pilchard just off the mark but it got sharked pretty quickly. We took another drop and got a decent hit on the vertical jig. This fish got sharked as well. Half of what would have been a healthy almaco was brought up. Right after that we hooked a nice dolphin on a flat line. We ended up boating the 8 pound fish after a nice aerial show. We finished the day with a lionfish on a live pilchard. The fishing was extremely slow but we managed to get by and the guests were pretty happy.

Final tally- 2 dolphin, a mackerel, a bonito, a small shark, a big remora, half an almaco jack, and a lionfish

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