Islamorada muttons, vermies, dolphin and 250# swordfish 9-20 to 9-23-12

We've had some great fishing down here in Islamorada especially this past weekend. On thursday the 20th we started the weekend out with a swordfish trip and had a great day bringing 2 swordfish back to the dock. The current was ripping out in the deep, but the bite was on with 3 bites on 3 drops.
Friday and sautrday where spent mostly bottomfishing and the bite has been on on the wrecks as well. Lots and lots of vermillion, yeloweye, and red snapper with a few nice muttons and red grouper mixed in as well mostly over hard open bottom. There's also been plenty of kingfish and almaco jacks around alot of the wrecks. On saturday we even had the pleasure of releasing a 50# warsaw grouper. When I first started to see him coming up I was hoping for a big gag or a black, but it figures it turned out to be the one we couldn't keep. :shrug
On sunday it was back offshore for some swordfishing again and we weren't let down. the current was flying and dropping was difficult in the morning with some of the squalls going by, but we stuck with it and were rewarded big with a 250# sword after about a 2 hour fight.:fishing We also managed to find some big weed patches out in the deep loaded with decent dolphin.
On monday it was back to bottomfishing and the snappers didn't let us down with more really nice vermies as well as some nice muttons, almaco's and kingfish:machinegun. Overall it was some weekend and I'm looking forward to getting a few more trips in this weekend before heading to the boat yard for a few weeks.:beer
Capt. Bruce Andersen
Captain Easy Charters
34 Crusader
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Conch 27
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Islamorada Florida


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