Lower Keys Quick Reef Trip 9/22

Headed out for a brief trip to the reef Saturday after finding a break in the weather. Did some bottomfishing and found the usual snapper/grouper suspects willing to cooperate. My buddy Jack who was yellowtailing on straight 10lb got a solid hit from a mystery fish. We all suspected it was a yellowtail that had gotten cuda'd but we hadn't seen any tell tale cuda' signs yet. Once we finally saw the fish as it shot to the surface we were all pretty surprised to see a Cobia. Now it was all very tense to see if the fish could be subdued on the straight 10lb w/o leader. Luckily the angler handled it perfectly and the hook was right in the corner of the mouth. When we boated and measured him he was right at 35 inches, which meant he was just in time for dinner. We ran offshore a little bit and played with some little tunny on the light tackle then headed back in. Grateful as always for another day in paradise. Tight lines.


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