Bonita Springs Back Bay to Near shore 9/20-9/23

After having an Attwood A75 Livewell pump fail, I spent the day installing a new Rule pump and did misc boat work. I decided to drop the boat in and check the new pump while bringing a few Penn Battle 4000's and Mirrolure Catch 2000's (color omitted) and fished the deep backbays before sundown. I caught a few small snook and jumped 4-5 Juvy Tarpon and landed the one below just before Sun-down. When targeting the "rollers" you need to cast quickly and accuratley 5-10 feet past the direction they are rolling, and let the catch 2000 sink for a second or two before short aggressive retrieves. Lots of fun and a nice end to an otherwise dock work day.

Sunday 9/23 I decided to take a few friends out for some nearshore fun. I ran into some cuda, little tunny, and cobia last week so tried to duplicate. Anyhow, dropped in and found bait along Bonita beach. Couple throws with the 12 ft and I had a blackout of 3inch threads. Rather pilchards but what can you do. Proceeded to one of my piles and began to catch runners and jacks which got inhaled by the resident cuda. I let the girls have fun with those and they enjoyed the aerial show. After that I let AJ battle his first of 3 goliaths. Photo below is of the last one.. Ended up breaking the beast that was my Shimano Tallus.

Water-Clearing up south of Little Hickory, Anywhere near the Caloosahatchee is downright nasty
Tides- Fished both obviously bait and clear water was more plentiful at the high mark
Reels and line Tarpon- Penn battle 4000-20lb powerpro Goliaths- Penn 50tw-150lb powerpro
Leader- Tarpon-30lb triple fish- Goliath-500lb mono (private source)
Lure- Mirrolure Catch 2000

Captain Eddie Challinor
Shore Catch Charters, LLC


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