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Hello all, i am going to be staying in venice for a week in october, i was just wondering if anyone could give me some info on where to possibly fish for red fish, snook, trout, and whatever else is there. I usually fish on the east coast near titusville. But my family wants to take a visit on the west coast. I know there are several great fishing spots a little south of venice, (pine island) Matlacha, sanibel, and all those spots. But i was just wondering if there is any advice or tips i could get for fishing anywhere in the region from venice to sanibel. we are going to have kayaks so we wont be able to make long runs out, but i know theres gotta be some spots close in shore or up some of the rivers that hold fish. I'd like to get on some grassy flats, or nice mangrove tree lines for snook. unless the majority of snook are holding docks, i know there are loads of docks in the venice inter coastal water way, also the north and south jetty in venice holds snook. But id like to get on some west coast reds! ;) so any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks all!


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    There isn't too much inshore in Venice besides the jetty. Mostly on offshore or near shore place. You could paddle out for some mackerel though. To the south there is lemon bay. Great trout grass flats and lots of mangroves for snook there, around marker 19 I believe. There are also lots of little creeks in Gasparilla sound a bit further south, reds push into those and often tail during the incoming tide. The phosphate bridge holds snapper, grunts, and maybe a few sheepies this time of year. There are also huge snook that love live crabs there, use heavier tackle and be patient if you target them. Live pilchards or pins tossed up against the mangroves will catch snook and reds at high tide, and live shrimp under a cork or gulp shrimp is the best for trout and Spanish macks on the grass flats. If you do paddle of the beaches, looks for birds. Once you see a larger amount of them harassing some bait, look for striking fish. If they are there, the mackerel (king or Spanish) will take stinger rigged greenies or pilchards on a 1-2 ft wire leader. Or use silver top waters, white jigs, or red and white flies.
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    There isn't a lot of difference from the East coast, I would imagine. The Venice jetties are popular, and you will certainly catch fish, of varying quality. There is a ton of nearshore bait right now, with Spanish and blue runners. Walking the beach provides fun from jacks and ladyfish, and you can target snook cruising. The bay fishing is pretty much as you would expect: snook near the mangroves especially on the edge of channels, and on lights at night. Google Earth can let you do some productive scouting/pre-fishing. The bigger bays have trout and ladyfish if you want to drift. There aren't a lot of good redfish areas in the immediate Venice area, and no one will give you their favorite corner or bar if there was. You can target crusty-pilings on docks and bridges for sheepshead and mangrove snapper, though both will probably be small. You can always catch a catfish, if you want to let something smelly sit on the bottom.


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    Thanks fellas!
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    How about any wading tips? Can you wade any areas in lemon that are productive? We had a change of plans and now we are not bringing any kayaks or boats. So its gonna be a difficult situation in a few ways. I know we can definitively fish the jetty for snook, tarpon, and whatever else is there. But is there any areas that could be available to fish down near lemon bay, or even a little further south that hold good flats that can be fished with mangrove islands that hold different fish. I don't want to pry the best fishing spots from the locals, but we are only going to be fishing for a day or two out of the week and just want too get a general idea of where the action is going on. I did several searches on the internet and most of the places require a boat, or kayak to do float trips down some of the rivers or get to good areas off the shoreline. So anything would help, thanks!
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