Once in a life time snook...and a nice mixed bag

Went out this morning at day break with my fiancé. She hasn't been out on the boat since the baby was born, so this was her first trip back out. We planned to start the morning with snook. So i headed to the first spot. We are fishing a nice bank, i'm on the bow throwing my fly rod and my fiance is at the stern switching between a topwater and live shrimp, as i'm watching my gurgler on the retrieve i see this snook rise from the bottom and inhale my fly, at the exact same time my fiance hooks up, but we both watched this snook hit this fly and we speechless for a second, i couldn't believe what i had seen only about 6-8 feet away from us. The biggest snook i have ever seen had just eaten my number 2 sized hook gurgler, on an 8wt with 12lb tippet and a 30lb shock leader. It all happened in almost slow motion. As im trying as hard as i can to get this fish away from the mangroves, she is making short work of getting me onto the reel. My fiance lands herself a nice sized slot redfish as this is happening. After a few blistering runs, some really scary applied pressure, i had in my hands the biggest snook i have ever caught and it was on a fly rod. Im estimating around 40"-43" and over the 30lbs mark. After a healthy release and a couple wahoo's lol we were back to fishing. I missed another nice snook he came for the gurgler but missed. After my fiance missed one as well on a zara spook we were off to a new location. The flounder bite was on for us today, we landed about 5-6 keepers, another handful of mangos, a few jacks, we called it a day around 1 and headed for the ramp.


This is what the hook looked like when she was all done...






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