Estero Bay action

Some of the folks from the SWFKAA got together for a little fishing in Estero Bay. We arrived at 6:30am and spent the next 30 minutes waiting for the rain that would evenyually cancel the trip. At around 7am, we ran out of excuses and decided to launch. We had Troy (Yaknew), Esteban (CaptBlackbeard), Joe (jcorrigan), Josh (Jfish), Eric (my boy) and me. We launched into surprisingly calm conditions and were instantly on the fish. First up was the trout and they did not disappoint on topwater.
Everyone caught trout ranging from smallies to over 20". They were mostly caught on topwater with a few taking live shrimp instead. They were pretty easy to spot as the water was mostly slick. We all worked the flats while we headed north. The tide was up, but had started a fast withdrawal. I started working some mangroves and had some very large reds blowing up on the Spook Jr, but they were a little off the mark, so no hookups. I did manage a small snook.
Esteban landed a small snook as well, and we all ended up in the bay north of Week's. After working quite a large portion of the mangroves, Esteban convinced a redfish to come aboard for a picture. Esteban landed him to complete his slam, and you can tell by the smile he was a happy pirate!
Not to be outdone, Troy also coaxed a redfish onto a live shrimp on the way in.
Back at the launch, Joe came through with an icy cold beverage! We hung out for another hour watching folks pulling thier boats out at low tide. I met Binder finally as his group was cleaning the pile of fish they brought in! The rain never came and it was a perfect fish catching day!


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