Looking for a marine surveyor

Does anyone recommend a marine surveyor in the Fort Myers area? I'm looking to purchase a flats boat in the area (LaBelle) and will need to have it surveyed. Also, does anyone recommend a place to have the motor checked (compression, hours, etc)? Thank you.



  • thorn8272thorn8272 Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    I contracted campbell marine today to do a survey on a 50' Wednesday.He's out of Marco but was highly rated
  • JC_UF_ITKJC_UF_ITK Posts: 477 Deckhand
    Thanks Thorn! I'll check him out.
  • JC_UF_ITKJC_UF_ITK Posts: 477 Deckhand
    Thorn, thanks again for the info. John Campbell did the survey on Wednesday and was great to work with. Very highly recommended from me as well!
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