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Speargun cord help

fyrdriverfyrdriver Posts: 47 Deckhand
Hey all,
New to spearfishing. I was just watching the video by Mr. Outdoorsman and saw the "phone cord" at the end of their guns. Can that be used on any gun? I own a 42 special AB. If so where can I get one, I hate dealing with the cord that comes on it, its a pain to reload each time I shoot. (Right now I shoot alot with all of my misses...):grin


  • spearmaster53spearmaster53 Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    I have the same gun and use the blue coil phone cord style works great any dive shop will sell them.
  • fyrdriverfyrdriver Posts: 47 Deckhand
    Thanks, I found a 15ft version a divers direct. Since you have the same gun...do you use the tip that came on it or is there something else you recommend? Ive bounced mine off fish a couple times. It just doesnt seem to be performing that well. Maybe its me still learning the range but I felt close enough. I hit a 18-20 inch mangrove the other day and only one of the "flappers" on the tip went through at about 4 ft from end of the gun. Im mainly targeting hogs and grouper. Any tip appreciated!
  • spearmaster53spearmaster53 Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    Stock tip that came with the gun make sure your first band goes all the way back to the third notch on the shaft and then load the second band on the middle notch.We went diving on sunday and had no problem pinning gag's and some slob hog fish with that set up good luck.What part of the state you diving?Im diving out of tarpon springs from 45ft out to 65ft.Vis was about 15ft on sunday at 45ft some big jelly fish out there now water temp was 83deg.
  • fyrdriverfyrdriver Posts: 47 Deckhand
    Thanks again for the tips and info on the gun, I'll keep at it til I get it right. I spear off Big Pine Key started mostly just freediving. Have used the tanks a few times.
  • Cuda23Cuda23 Posts: 43 Deckhand
    You should look into putting a reel on your gun. Freediving with that coil on it is going to cause problems. Here's why: If you shoot anything with some size to it and don't stone him you're going to go for a ride and possibly lose your gun. Also that coil seems like a good idea but if you shoot even a good size Mango or Grouper the fish will spin out of control and make a mess of that coil. Most all freedivers use a reel or float line depending on what they're shooting.
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