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Snook adventure

SnooksterSnookster Posts: 28 Greenhorn
When you get the call that the freshwaters flowing and the big fish are rolling in you drop anything and get ready to go. That’s just what my friend Ben and I did. We started out by getting a few handpicked bait hoping to catch slots and me just to get my first fish over 50 inches like my friend Ben always brags about that he got . When we got at what I call location “X” my friend took one cast with a lure and quickly caught about a 26-27 inch snook that we quickly released. Then I dropped a bait and caught about a 36-37 inch snook that I quickly released. I look over to see my friend getting destroyed by a fish that never came to the top. I ran to where I saw mullet getting destroyed and within a simple hook set I had a fish that appeared to be upper slot , we put the tape on that one and it was 32 ½ inches which sucked so I released it . Angry at the last fish I grabbed the biggest bait we had and dropped it down, then I felt the unmistakable thump and set the steel. Right when I hook set the fish jumped out the water like a whale then dove to the bottom and didn’t come up for about 3 minutes and then I tired her out and put my hands on her. She measured 46 inches not the 50 incher that I lost once but a nice fish. After 2 quick pictures the fish was released and swam off like nothing happened. My friend Ben went over to where I caught her and then caught about a 38 inch snook. I fished 2 more baits and caught 2 nice fish one about 34 inches and another like 38. All and all had a blast.


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