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  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,774 Captain
    Top Team Day 1- Plaque
    Top Team Day 2- Plaque
    Largest Fish Day 1- Plaque
    Largest Fish Day 2- Plaque
    Top Lady Angler- Plaque
    Top Junior Angler- Plaque
    1st Team- $5000* Trophy and Prizes
    2nd Team- $1500* Trophy and Prizes
    3rd Team- $1000* Trophy and Prizes
    Largest Fish- $2500* Special Trophy and Prizes
    Outstanding Catch- Special Award
    *Based on 20 paid entries

    Calendar of events:
    Thu Nov.15- 5:00-7:00 PM - Late Registration, Cocktails, Kick off party
    7:00 PM- Captains Meeting
    Kick Off Party Continues
    Fri Nov.16- 7:00 AM- Boats may Leave Inlet
    8:00 AM- Lines in
    3:00 PM- Scales Open
    5:00 PM- Scales Closed
    6:00 PM- Day one Results Posted- Party (TBA) Starts!
    Sat Nov.17- 7:00 AM- Boats May Leave Inlet
    8:00 AM- Lines in
    3:00 PM- Scales Open
    5:00 PM- Scales Closed
    7:00PM- Raffle and Awards Ceremony

    Bimini Big Game Club Special Tournament Rates!
    Dockage - $1.25 Per Ft
    Shore Power - $15 Per Day
    Water - $.25 Per Gal
    Deluxe Room - $149 Per night
    Cottage- $169 Per night
    Suite - $250 Per night

    Thanks to our Sponsors!
    Hopkins Carter Marine
    Canyongear Lures
    Little Lake Hunting Lodge
    Sir Ace Wahoo Lures
    Black Bart Lures
    Gray Taxidermy
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    1. Boats may pass the south dock of BBGC no earlier than 6:45 each morning.
    2. Boats must be visually cleared by committee at time of departure.
    3. No wake zone rules will be enforced
    4. Lines in water at 8:00 AM
    5. Bahamian rules state six lines maximum
    6. Wire lines and planers will be permitted (no electric reels)
    7. Three largest fish per boat will be weighed each day
    8. Total pounds for the two days will determine top teams
    9. No boundaries north south or east. Boats must remain in Bahamian waters
    10. Boats must possess proper Bahamas cruising and fishing permits
    11. Live, dead, or artificial bait may be used
    12. Scales open at 3:00 PM each day
    13. Scales close at 5:00 PM each day
    14. Boats wishing to weigh in must be north of the southernmost point of the marina by 5:PM
    15. One representative from each boat will accompany fish to scales.
    16. Fish must be well cared for and brought to scale in fresh condition
    17. No mutilated fish will be weighed
    18. Fish may not be transferred from boat to another boat
    19. Weather… There is no weather provision and solely at captains discretion
    20. Committee reserves the right to inspect fish holds and GPS plotter tracks at any time
    21. Protests must be filed by 5:30 each day with a $100 deposit
    22. All decisions by committee are final!

    Added Entry Levels
    Level A- Over all Daily $500
    Level B- Largest fish Daily $500
    Level C- Over all 50/30/20 Split $1000
    Level D- Over all winner take all $1000
    More "Fun" Calcuttas will be announced at Captains Meeting
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    Entry Form
    Bimini Big Game Club Wahoo Smackdown
    November 15-17, 2012

    Boat Name- _________________________ Make-________________ Boat Length-_____

    Angler1-______________________________ Shirt size- M( ) L( ) XL( ) XXL( )

    Angler2-______________________________ Shirt size- M( ) L( ) XL( ) XXL( )

    Angler3-______________________________ Shirt size- M( ) L( ) XL( ) XXL( )

    Angler4-______________________________ Shirt size- M( ) L( ) XL( ) XXL( )

    Owner / Captain contact info

    Address-_____________________________ State-_____ Zip-_______

    Phone-_______________ Email-______________________

    Base Entry - $1250 (Includes 4 angler and 2 crew event passes)
    Extra Event Passes - $100 (Include t-shirt size) $______

    Make checks Payable to:
    Bimini Big Game Club
    5555 North Ocean Blvd #71
    Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida 33308

    Please charge my- Visa ( ), Master Card ( ), Amex ( )
    Card number-_________________________ Exp date-__________ Code-________

    Signed-_____________________________ Date

    * It is expressly understood by signing this form that we register for this event at our own risk. I/ we the undersigned hold the tournament, its, sponsors, committee, and host facility free of liability in the unlikely event of damages or injury incurred during the event.
    Signed-___________________________ Date-_______________
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    "In" so far: * Have indicated that they will be there
    Team Fishless
    Deep C
    Team Hopkins Carter
    O Sea D
    Crush N Run (Possibly 2 boats)
    Lowe Boy
    Team Tibo
    Carolina Gentleman
    *Red Stripe
    *Snooky J
    *Flyers Up

    We have another 9 solid inguiries at this early stage...

    If you are "In" or leaning that way please let us know. Were trying to get a grip on how many shirts and goodie kits we need to put together... Thank you...
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    Dont forget the Out Island Board throwing in $300 fuel voucher for each boat that is enetered...

    We are doing everything we can to make this easier and more affordable for our teams. We want everybody to have a great time! Thats the main goal... The easier we make it for you guys the more we hope you will talk this thing up and get more boats to enter.
  • schmittyfish561schmittyfish561 Posts: 118 Officer
    if anybody is looking for a free mate or an extra hand send me a pm i can help you put hoos in the boat!!
    here's a couple to get you guy's pumped up!!



  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,774 Captain
    Nice! Try to piece together a team and join us!
  • unclejunclej Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    New to forum , not to Bimini we are in. Are the dates set as above , your BBGC site shows a later date .
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,774 Captain
    Dates are 15th capts meeting, fishing 16th-17th. Awards 17th... We will have coffee on morning of 18th for guys heading home...
    Thanks for bringing to my attention i will look at site and send corrections to Mike. Where are you seeing that on the site. Do you have a link?
  • unclejunclej Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    It was under the resort , then to events .
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,774 Captain
    Thanks... I found it... Don't know where that came from ... Might have been previous management.

    Look forward to meetingyou at the event... We're bustin hump to keep everyone happy. Let us know if you have any special requests...
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    With the addition of Unclej and Makin it Happen last night that brings us to like 14 pretty well comitted at this time. Several more hard inquiries as well. Two months in advance and numbers like that are pretty good. This thing might very well get big. Again, I want to thank those who have come on board as anglers and sponsors alike. Lets grow it!
  • o-sea-do-sea-d Posts: 148 Officer
    Additional calcuttas are 100% payout???? i.e.) 10 boats in $1000 calcutta and the payout is 10K?

    BTW, I'm the original O-Sea-D out of LHP. 36 Invincible www.o-sea-d.com not Anthony in Miami
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    You're the one I was hoping for... Yes, its 100% pay out... The more the merrier... Its possible that we may add a few fun low dollar ones on the island at the registration. Something like $50 crew ones, or for largest dolphin/ tuna, maybe even smallest. If some one wants larger ones let us know. If somebody has ideas for more fun ones let us know.
    We added more money from entry fees to the base purse. Was originally going to be 25 boats to get to $10,000 pay back on base levels. That is now 20 boats to reach that goal. At 20 boats there will also be $2500 towards the grand champion two event winner. If we can keep this thing growing at this pace I would like to see 25-30 boats in it to drive those payouts even higher.
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    Sign ups and room reservations were made through the island today. Not sure if they are on the "In" list or fresh but this thing is picking up steam... Something i'm picking up on the coconut telegraph is we have a pretty large number out ther holding out til they see how many boats are signed up. Well, theres no way for sure to say what the end number is going to be til registration close on the island the night of the 15th as thats when most people do sign up. Theres a big Sailfish tourney here that each year gets more than twenty boats but seldom has more than three to five sign up early. I understand waiting on signing up. Have done it myself but makes it tough when trying to figure how much food or booze and how many shirts to buy.
    Thats why I'm running the "in" list and want to hear from those interested but not comitted yet to get a feel of how many there "might" be. Lets call it a fence list... If thats where you are please drop me a note... Remember that Big Game Club is far from a huge facility and space there will be limited. With BB being closed thats going to tighten other room availability on the island as well. Being a wahoo event there wont be a lot of live aboard types coming. Most of whats expected will be go fast types and will be needing rooms as well. I'd hate to run short of "stuff" and would hate it more to see a big last minute push of boats showing up with no place to stay...
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    Mailing for Big Game Club : 5555 North Ocean Blvd #71, Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida 33308

    This is where cashier checks need to be sent please....
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  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,774 Captain
    Ok gang... Listen up!!! Just got word from Skipper on the Carolina Gentleman that he has adjusted his busy schedule to be available for charter for this! For those that don't have a boat but are interested in fishing it, what better way to do it with the home town team! Skipper is the Big Game Clubs resident charter operation. Hailing from Morehead City, North Carolina, he spent years targeting wahoo and fishing tournaments up there. Now that he's down in Bimini, he's out there fishing the local waters each day and will have where the fish are pinned down pretty good! You might consider putting together a crew of buddies and not only get in but stand a real good shot at winning!

    He not only has his boat available but his charter outfit recently added my own boat to their fleet to be based at Big Game Club. He has a top shelf local to run that boat or I can even make myself available to run it... Either way getting a group of guys together to split expenses sounds like a great way to get in without busting the piggy bank.
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    He puts em on the deck in style! Get pumped!
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,774 Captain
    Added another boat today... growing... :)
  • alacrityalacrity Posts: 2,662 Captain
    Compleat wrote: »
    Added another boat today... growing... :)

    how many boats are in?

  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,774 Captain
    Yet another today so it looks like 16 pretty well comitted. Another 15-20 with "hard enquiries" on the fence... Almost two months out its looking pretty good.
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    what's the weather option??
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,774 Captain
    Stated before... Captains discression to fish... If crossing weather appears to be unsafe we will contact each boat signed up and reschedule. If they are unable to make the rescheduled date refund will be offered.
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Reschedule date was what I was looking for, the next wkd?
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,774 Captain
    The following week is Thanksgiving so it would probably be Nov 29-Dec 1 but may be pushed yet another week as Islamorada sailfish tourney is on those dates... We would contact people signed up and get their input before making definate change decisions... Angler input is very important to us and since this tourney is about them we'll let them make the call...
  • Lucky7Team2Lucky7Team2 Posts: 6,794 Officer
    alacrity wrote: »
    how many boats are in?

    My phone better ring!
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,774 Captain
    Lucky... Are you looking to get in?
  • Lucky7Team2Lucky7Team2 Posts: 6,794 Officer
    As a professional boat **** I am always available to be pimped out LOLOL...
  • Lucky7Team2Lucky7Team2 Posts: 6,794 Officer
    Some fish pron.
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