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repost Full Grown Snook Hollywood Bch 9/16/12

dtobiasdtobias Posts: 733 Officer
Full Grown Snook Hollywood Beach 9/16/12

Hit the beach this morning just after 6a.m.. I usually just throw plugs and plastics, but decided to bring the bigger rods and some bait out of the freezer for a change. There was a decent breeze blowing. The ocean was a little kicked up- a few whitecaps offshore and some threatening weather to the south. Actually saw a waterspout a couple miles out, but it soon dissippated. Got the old sand spikes set up and broke out a ladyfish I had caught and kept for bait a few days ago. Took the head and a few additional inches, put it on my old Penn 7500ss outfit and chunked her into the surf. After a few minutes, an old friend showed up and we started telling stories. Imagine that, fisherman telling stories. About 15 minutes goes by and I notice my line is about 60 degrees away from where I had cast. There was a fair amount of sargassum coming in, so I figured the wave action had pushed it north on me. I pick up the rod and proceed to reel in the line. Big clump of weed starts to come in and then suddenly it pulls back. I'm on. I start to work the fish in towards shore and another friend tells me I'm just weeded up. I told him weed doesn't pull back. Just then a snook sticks its head up about 10 feet from the shorebreak and spits the bait. I was fishing with a circle hook and she just didn't get stuck. Oh well, these things happen. Rebait with the same head and let her fly a second time. Sit down on the bucket and not more than 15 minutes or so goes by and bang! I'm on again. I had 20lbs. mono on the reel and a 50lbs. fluoro leader, so I was fairly confident I could put the screws to her pretty good. Long story short, after about 10-15 minutes or so, in came the biggest snook of my life. I am totally embarrassed to say my tape rusted out just two days ago and I had not yet replaced it. Pretty sure she was better than 40 inches. The other anglers there all agreed, too. Anyway, here's some pics.

I was happy like a little kid. It just never gets old does it? Hell, I'm still grinnin' like the cat that ate the canary! Get out there and get 'em. Good luck.


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