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1997 johnson 115 motor issues

Mako_OneMako_One Posts: 216 Officer
My boat sat for a while, but I used startron and started it when ever I could. I used the fuel in power washer with out any issues. I finished up my console and rewire and start it up on the hose. She ran great! I take her out an fill up the tank (97 Mako 171) which took about 11 gallons which means there was about 20-25 in the tank. I take her for a run on the Indian River and she runs great. Second trip out I have a little hicupp, kind of like fuel starvation. It runs fine the rest of the outing. On my third trip out I put in another 15 gallons and it runs good, then begins to surge like if it ran out of fuel, then takes off. it does this for a few minutes and then can't get it over 4K and alot of vibration. I'm thinking fuel issue somewhere, I had already replaced the racor type filter so I decided to run it off a seperate fuel tank. I take her out and same issue runs ok then bogs down then surges.

So since I just couldn't figure it out I take her to a local mechanic. He calls me up an says top right cylinder is 20 lbs lower than the rest. 130 on the others. I describe to him the issue i had and he says the lower compression should not have affected it. I tell him put it back together and figure out what the original reason for bringing it in. calls me up a few days later and tells me the vapor seprator cover was warped and needed to be replaced. I give him the go ahead and I pick it up and take it out. SAME OLD SHYTE!!

The mech says it needs to be rebuilt at a cost of around $4k :cry

Any ideas on this issue?


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