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Wade Fisherman... Wading "etiquette"?

Alright... We always see threads on etiquette for boaters etc... I am primarily a wade guy... And I do it because it usually offers a time and place to unwind.... At times, its the opposite....... A few times in the past month, I've had guys (other waders) walk within 20 feet from me... On a flat that is well over 4 football fields long!!! Other flats that are MILES long and wide!!!! Dudes!!!! I should not be able to cast at your waiste!!! Come on!!!! If there is only one way to walk out because of channels and etc... I totally understand... But to wade close enough that I can see that you are throwing a DOA Shrimp, and the color..... is nuts... What do you guys think? I think it alllll comes down to respect for others personal space!


  • krashkrash Posts: 686 Officer
    Wading, Kayaking, boating.. if I can cast to your lure on your farthest cast we are to close....
    Old Fugger who just likes to fish
  • acesoveracesover Posts: 552 Officer
    The amount of, or lack of courtesy anglers show on the water never ceases to amaze me. And it's not all bad BTW...
  • YaksquatchYaksquatch Posts: 499 Officer
    Probably didn't know what they were doing and figured you did and you were where the fish were. Before I got my yak, I did A LOT of wading. Had that happen a few times but so I usually stopped and talked with em a bit, exchanged brief fishing reports, then parted and went our own way.

    One of my favorite memories was catching specks off a point and having a couple yahoos following right behind me. They were casting into the same spots I had pulled fish from a minute earlier but to no avail. The icing on the cake was I finally worked back around and pulled a nice gator from a spot they'd been standing in just a few minutes previous. They packed up and left shortly thereafter...

    I don't mind fellow waders or kayakers getting close as much as I mind jet-ski's!

  • former bluefishinnyformer bluefishinny Posts: 1,492 Officer
    No... Its not all that bad!! There are some good considerate peeps still around.... I see it on a daily basis!!!! There is good!!! Just sucks when you would think that a guy willing to walk chest deep in search of a fish - a half mile from the entry - would be as hardcore as you - and well.... you know. Do on to others....
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