Marathon, Labor Day weekend

We were down for the long weekend and decided to try fishing three different ways on the three different days.

Saturday was a little choppy for my son, so we started off on a patch reef. We caught quite a few small snapper and grouper and kept a decent mangrove and a couple of grunts. Before you laugh, try it. Grunt is excellent. There just isn't much meat on them.

Sunday was lobster day, so we headed to the Bay. First spot had no legals, but did have a red grouper. He was fairly large, but since I couldn't see enough of him to tell if he was legal I decided not to put a spear through him. Second spot had around 30 lobster in it. After about 20 minutes I managed to get 6 legals from behind the hordes of shorts. We caught 9 total on the day.

Monday was yellowtail day. My previous yellowtailing has yielded only smaller fish, so armed with a new number from one of my neighbors I headed out to the deep part of the reef after picking up my pinfish trap. We anchored with about 6 other boats near us. Within 5 minutes of putting the chum in we were surrounded by large yellowtails. Unfortunately they were not eager to bite. We had only two yellowtails on and got one to the boat, but he was a 21-incher. We tried everything we had including silversides, pinfish and mullet chunks. We tried bare hooks, split shot, and three different sizes of jig. We started with no leader but finally got the one fish on fluorocarbon. We fished until the chum basket literally fell off the boat. I'm still not entirely sure how the rope wore through. After we still managed a small shark and a bonito by chumming with cut bait. The bonito went home for bait, and the yellowtail went home for an early dinner. The shark was released unharmed.


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