Miamimuttonman Report 8/31/12 Mixed bag Catch out of Haulover

Today’s trip, was out of Haulover, with another customer that keeps his boat, in that area. We headed south from the inlet and ran till we got to a good bottom with some fish marking on the sounder, We anchored and fished only the bottom with 24oz weight. the current was ripping to the north didn’t try for tails here, but did get, in the few minutes that we spent here a couple mangrove snapper in the 3 pound rage and then another smaller one. We moved again and found another spot , that looked promising in shallower water, with less current and dropped the chum in and Juan sent the bottom rod down, while I gave Robert a demo of what to do to get those tails, after that, he got on a roll and started catching yellowtails, and Juan got his first mutton on the bottom, a nice fish that gave him a real nice fight, then he switch with Robert to take a brake, and catch some tails, just when Robert had finished bringing in a small yellowtail, after taking it off the hook , I placed it on his bottom rod hook and off it went to a nice red groupers mouth, instant slammer hit that measured 22 inches, then after spitting the yellowtail bait back half dead, he sent it back down, minutes later he hooks up and the fight is on , this time it was a 25.5 inch black grouper. They also got their share of hits that could not be turned fast enough and we released a couple undersize grouper and had a few big bonitos that fought real nice on 12 lb test. They had a fun day, here are the pics. Tomorrow I’m off to the keys. tight lines.:fishing Photo1447.jpgPhoto1444.jpgPhoto1448.jpgPhoto1452.jpgPhoto1445.jpgPhoto1451.jpg


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