marathon update?

how is the water clarity on the gulfside,anybody been catching any lobster? whats bitin offshore? i lknow its alot of questions but if someone can give me an update of pm me that would be awesome! ill be heading down there tmrw


  • gatormonroegatormonroe Posts: 198 Deckhand
    We were out fishing today and got into the water in a couple places. On a patch in Hawk's channel the visibility was around 12 feet. The current was moving as good as I've ever seen it. Inside Vaca Key Bight, behind Marathon High, visibility was only about 8 feet.

    We'll be in th Bay tomorrow, so I'll be able to report on that. I have heard that the reef is fairly clear already.

    Marathon Gulf side is our usual "haunt" for Lobster. A mixed bag of visible water and clear water. Had to move around quite a bit to find the clear water on some days. We were there the week before Isaac closed in. We left Sat and Isaac was right behind us. Not sure what it's like after Isaac blew through. I'd think things are back to normal.

    A little tip. Don't bother with Content Keys. A friend saw TONS of Lobster back in May but the week of August 18 through 25th ... three boats and 12 people harvested only 3 keeper sized Lobster and not many shorts either. Plus, it's quite a boat ride from Marathon. :-/
  • gatormonroegatormonroe Posts: 198 Deckhand
    Tried to post on Sunday but ran into technical issues.

    The visibility in the Bay north of Marathon on Sunday was maybe 10 or 12 feet. Only slightly worse than it has been every other time we've been out there. Had nine keepers and found a load of shorts.
  • endothelineendotheline Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    Went out Saturday off Marathon. Water inside of 8 miles from island was dirty. Could barely make out any bottom in 8-10ft of water. Past 8 miles N, vis got a little better. TON of shorts, and not nearly-legals, like shrimp-size!
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