Thursday report: Dania - Lauderdale Beach speed drift

mapachemapache Posts: 262 Officer
I made a spur-of-the-moment trip yesterday from Dania when I saw that the wind was finally looking good. The water was still turbid - I kept paddling east in search of that clear tuna water, but as far out as 4 miles it was still silty, though blue. I saw some pods of little tunny busting on top from 1-4 miles out, and I jigged up a nice king mackerel (made great sashimi) in the green water at about 100+ feet.

The current was really ripping - 3 miles out, my GPS was reading 5mph north. To get back to my car I had to paddle 8 miles along the beach from Oakland Park Blvd to the Dania Pier. The current was negligible within 100 meters of the shore.

I saw someone suggest a Dania to Pompano drift on this forum a while ago - now would be a good time to get this done, since it would only take about 4 hours, less if you only count the time you would have on the ledge.


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