Custom fee changes???

whitegatorwhitegator Posts: 33 Deckhand
Does anyone know if the Bahamas has changed the custom entrance fees on boat size? I know it is/was $150.00 for boats up to 35' and that they were going to change it to $300.00.


  • AlwaysOnTopAlwaysOnTop Posts: 210 Deckhand
    Still the same, customs guy reassured me it was just a rumor and not going to change.
  • Lazy BonesLazy Bones Posts: 941 Officer
    got dinged in WE for $300 last weekend of july for a 33. Just used the return trip at Walkers, they indicated that it would have been $300.
  • capt benjcapt benj Posts: 125 Officer
    Guess it depends on the office. Bimini in early August was $150, then $20/person for over 4. Would not surprise me if it varied by customs officier.
  • samrhsamrh Little HollywoodPosts: 33 Greenhorn
    Was in Walkers in early July and paid $150 for a 34 Venture. Went to West End in early August and the price was $300 for 31 and up. Luckily I was using my returning boater permit and was not charged however they said the rate would have been the $300 rate.
  • C Skip RC Skip R Posts: 129 Deckhand
    They changed it from 35ft to 30ft now pay $300.
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