Rigging Vertical jigs/ Butterfly jigs/ Speed jigs TIP for the weekend

This weeks tip is sure to help you catch a few more fish guys! One of the most popular questions i have noticed lately is how to rig with wire for toothy fish. I seldom fish with wire and honestly cannot remember the last time i fished with wire on the vertical jig. None the less i have an answer for you today!

I have never tried the titanium wire leader because i can count with one hand how many times i use wire when jigging but my buddy swore it is the best route to go for vertical jigging with wire! He mentioned to me that it is just as flexible or very neat to the same flexibility that mono has so the vertical jigs action is not upset.

Terminator Pro Series Titanium Leader Wire 6"
tied to your main leader of your choice with the yucatan knot!

"1. Lay leader and doubled main line from reel parallel to each other. Doubled main line is often created with a Bimini Twist for this knot.

2. Wrap doubled line around leader 4 to six times if using mono or fluorocarbon, 10 to 15 times if using braid.

3. Now feed end of leader through loop at end of doubled line.

4. Pull doubled line and leader in opposite directions to tighten knot. Note that although the wraps were made with the doubled line, when the knot is pulled tight the leader will wrap onto the doubled line."

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