Hudson Canyon Overnighter

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I guess it was about 7 years ago. Eric posted on another site he had just bought a Contender and was willing to pay someone to teach him to fish. He was blasted by the members of that site crying BS and that he was trolling. Teaching people and freelance is what I did and still do. Dropped him an email and since then hes been a great client. Through the Mirage years it was tough to get out with him as often as he wanted but still did on occasion and managed some epic trips including taking 2nd at SJ Shark last year.
He caught wind that I was newly available for freelance and I was delivering a boat to Jersey as my first freelance gig in quite a while. He wasn't gonna let me get out of state without locking me in for an overnighter. That good people is what a loyal client is all about!
I showed up at his rocket at the appointed time. Two more joining us. Dumped some dead dinosaurs in the tank and loaded in supplies for every kind of fishing we might do. Soon with the help of afterburners we were sliding at the Hudson at 40 knots. We had no recent reports, no decent sat shots, nothing but a will to just go fishing.
Water was pretty ugly green all the way and no better when we got there. We laid out a great looking spread and basically covered the whole canyon with only a driveby from a white for our efforts before the sun started setting. Though we marked some bait, saw large pods of white side dolphins and a few whales, not a tuna in sight. We set up for the night. Little Honda generator purring providing lights and battery charger. Mix of butter and sardine chunks flowed we knew odds were against by now but we worked it hard, not willing to give up.
I laid on the deck trying with no luck to get some rest but the star filled sky and greasy seas sure made a nice backdrop. About 1 AM three lines went off at once. Fights were not that of tuna though. A few minutes later we brought a smallish but keepin size mako to boat side. The light mono leader unfortunatle caught a tooth before we could do the third gill kill... Next to the boat was a hammerhead followed quickly by a blue shark. It was a first for me the crapeater trifecta... :eek:
The rest of the night was quiet. First light had us trolling again. As i got deeper the water got worse and by the 500 line it looked like raritan bay. Time and daylight were burning. Gears changed and I slid into my old super sneaky tile numbers. It was a smack down! Out right blistering of the delicious dwellers of the deep. We had our fill quick and with trip saved we pointed at Sandy Hook exactly 100 nautical miles from where we were.
At forty knots the ride was smooth and quick. Not so much as a chick bird along the whole way. It didn't matter we came, we saw, had a full box of meat... I dashed to the airport to catch a flight back to Florida as I have some unfinished crap to attend to here. As we soared above the Atlantic my head was still in that canyon with great friends... Today brutally busy but had to take a moment to share...

Pile O Tile


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    The tiles saved the trip, nice job.
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    We really are spoiled down here with the distance we have to travel for great fishing, btw, I love tuna but would rather have a freezer full of Tile any day, nice job
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    Dp the tiles were a nice day saver but to me this trip was really about something else. It was good to see my old free lance clients hadn't forgot after I had effectively abandoned them to run the mirage fleet... My head was in a dark place not being able to see anything in the crystal ball for work when the fleet thing crashed and burned. Eric and others jumped right on it. Not just giving me work but also boosting my confidence and reminding me what mt real specialty is. I spent so long pushin polish and turnin wrenches that I kinda forgot. Fishing... Not just the go out and catch mountains stuff but rolling the dice in less than favorable conditions for the love of the sport like we did on this trip.
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    Brings back some memories. Couple of questions:

    Did you anchor or drift when you set up to chunk?
    Did you mark bait when you set up?
    Ever try casting around the lobster pot high flyers for mahi as the sun sets?
    Federales, bring my baby back to me!
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    We do both depending on what we see and or feel. if swords have been running (usually) later in the season we often drift deep. We anchored on good looking bait this go around. Strong thermocline, bait, life we held out hope but they didn't want to play. We do pitch to the pot jummer schoolies but this trip only one we saw was maybe 14 inches long...
    Each trip is different. last trip i took with Eric we limited on yellowfins, lot of mahi, a few tiles, released a blue marlin, released a big hammerhead and finished off with a nice 175lb mako that we pitched... Trip before that was all longfins. Trip before tuna smack down with a big eye bonus. Trip before was mix of sword and tuna at night. One thing is constant... A good time...
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