8-18-12 Lobsters and Mangroves

My son and his fiancée along with me and Shirley.

First day bugging oceanside yeilds 6 bugs that became dinner that night. The water was very clear and beautiful, we also got a couple of hogs. Ate really good.

Second day before heading to the backcountry to limit out with 24 bugs we set the pinfish traps. Nothing too big, but lots of them. We could have gotten more. We wound up taking some fish and bugs to Boondocks for a great meal. Nothing like taking fresh fish out and having someone else cook and clean. They are reasonable on the fish @ $8 a pound, but a bit steep @ $8 a tail to grill them up. Still it was a great meal with our soon to be daughter in law. Well worth it.

With the traps full, we headed offshore and anchored up in time for the sunset. After 11 mangroves and about 8 sharks, we headed in for the night, getting back to the dock at about 11:30 making for a long day.

The next day, we hit some special spots and added 23 more bugs to the bounty. We were able to send Chris and Danni back to tampa and tallahassee with a nice collection of bugs to share with family and friends.
Take out your boat, make a memory!


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