Whom did I meet off Dania around 8-9 this morning? I'm the guy with the inflateable.

mapachemapache Posts: 262 Officer
Just wanted to say that it was nice to meet you, and thanks for the pointers on jigging. After we parted, I ended up catching a large tunny and losing maybe a 36" king mackerel right at the boat - the fish was exhausted, but the leader must have been totally shredded, since it broke with hardly any tension at all. No more 40# flourocarbon leader for me. How did the rest of the morning go for you and your buddy?


  • LivinthedreamLivinthedream Posts: 207 Officer
    Hey it was nice meeting you as well. We ended up doing pretty good. I caught the tuna you had seen and my buddy landed a huge 40 lb grouper earlier that morning. We each caught some kings and bonito. Ya I would step up to 60-80 lb leader. But even that will get sliced by something toothy. Just keep putting the time in jigging and you will perfect your own technique.
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