Hogs on Hooks (Video)

Hey FS Family,
on Tuesday went out with my buddy Nelson to go catch some Hogfish on hook and line. We headed down to the keys and made our first stop/ritual at the Shell gas station as soon as you enter the keys to get some breakfast. A big 44oz soda and 2 Hotdogs later each, we're off to the ramp. We get down to Islamorada right before sunrise, and start heading to the hogfish grounds!
The morning was beautiful, the sky reflected off the water like a mirror. As we headed out a pod of dolphin were swimming alongside the boat and it was a welcoming sight.
at about 7:45am we arrive at our spot drop the anchor and started fishing. 15 minutes later we catch our first Hog and its a keeper. Not to long after a Permit is hooked on Nelson YoYo and the beast takes off! (He had this yoyo tossed out the front of the boat with a niced size bait and the YoYo was spooled with 50lb test). The fight lasted about 5 minutes until it broke him off.:banghead It was huge! We lost about 5 big hits that we believe were hogfish, but we ended up catching 5 keeper hogs and threw back about 4-5 undersized ones. We also caught several mangrove snapper, some big porgies, and one keeper Grouper! at 2pm it was scorching hot and with several fish in the cooler we decided to call it a day. :thumbsup
The bites should start to pick up now with less people out on the water since schools back in session. Also the Lobster craze takes a big hit on them, since usually people will be out there spearing fish as well. so know that it has all slowed down the fishing will definitely pick up!
Enjoy the photo's and the Video:USA



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