Kayak Fishing - 08/22/2012 - North Biscayne Bay

Date: 08/22/2012
Area: North Biscayne Bay
Time: 6:45 - 9:30
Tides: Incoming tide was RIPPING from 7:00 throughout.
Tackle: Stradic 4000 on Ugly Stick Inshore 7'6 10 - 25lb, 15lb Power Pro to 20lb Fluoro Leader, threw a Mirrolure Mirrodine Suspending Twitchbait, DOA C.A.L. (greenish body, charteuse tail), and DOA Shrimp (Cherry)

Good evening all,

Had quite the adventure on the yak today. Decided I would head north and try uncharted territories! Did some investigating on Google Earth, asked around, got some good feedback and decided to give it a go...

Problem was I last checked the map around 2:00 PM day before. But I was sure I knew where I was going! How hard could it be?

Took off from Pelican Harbor and quickly passed Pelican Island. Immediately noticed it was much choppier than the other days, and the incoming tide was ripping. Came across the exposed shoal between Pelican Island and the other two islands located further north. Look at this silly shoal, thinking it's all fishy...it doesn't even show on my omniscnent Google Earth! Even though the current was blasting into it, and had some seagrasses on it's western shore...non sense. Garbage! Continuing on!

Fished the west of the two islands up north, but the Mirrodine was pretty useless with all the floating seagrass. Nothing hit the DOA Cal either. So moved on to what I thought was spot number two, to the west of the ICW.

Sure enough, seagrasses galore. Also, with the incoming, the entrance to some of those residential channels was funneling water at incredible speed - made a mental note, because I was going to have to try it some time with some heavier artillery.

As for the fishing in this area: seagrass were exposed and SHALLOW. Almost ran over a shallow water tarpon before spooking him (he wasnt the only one spooked). Did find a deeper hole between the exposed patches that was holding trout - however, the lack of an anchor killed me. Never leaving without it again. What a newbie.

Did about thirty minutes of fishing and caught three trout and lost a handful more. All under slot though.

When heading back, I said "Dang...this sure seems farther than 3/4 of a mile...". Twenty minutes later and soaked in sweat, I was considering drowning myself. Got back in around 10 and got straight to work. Looked at the map right now and realized I had passed my possible spots. Twice. And ended up about 1/2 mile north of where I wanted to be. But great spot, nonetheless.

Oh and on the way in, saw two tarpon rolling between that dang shoal and Pelican Island. Sigh.

Goodnight all - exhausted and needing sleep!



  • jjimenez1jjimenez1 Posts: 129 Officer
    P.S. The longer rod was a mistake, especially with the longer butt. Made my life hell trying to give the DOA's some action. And didn't improve casting distance much either. Sticking with 6'6.
  • SaltysackSaltysack Posts: 463 Officer
    You may consider hooking up with Mangohunter11 on the forum, that is if you'd like to be introduced to some kayak catching action right away! Grats on the trout, and anchor inshore is definitely a must.
  • frankthetankfrankthetank Posts: 863 Officer
    You can give me a heads up i consistently catch slot and over slot trout plus snook in biscayne waters. I think your to far north for bigger trout consistently
  • NBB troutNBB trout Posts: 57 Greenhorn
    The spot that you have in red, I fish that area all the time and catch big trout there all the time But I go just a little north and west of your red circle the deeper side of the grass flat also some cut or whole pin fish work great there.

    Good Luck.
  • jjimenez1jjimenez1 Posts: 129 Officer
    Thanks for the responses. Yea, that whole area seems extremely fishy - looking to try the pinfish business next. Think I figured out how I can fish both rods out of the yak, even though it lacks rod holders...but if anyone has any recommendations on how I can do this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Frank, I'd like to hook up in the future to fish for some snook. Like I said before, still don't have the means to launch the yak anywhere else as it stays at the office and I don't currently have any vehicle set up to transport it. But hopefully that won't be a problem soon enough.

    Looking forward to going out tomorrow morning. Will let you all know how it goes.

    Take care,

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